A Step-By-Step Guide to Defining Your Brand Identity


At the end of the day, no matter what niche you are operating in, you are competing with millions of other companies who are also trying to stand out. Therefore, by having a strong brand identity, you are in a better position to differentiate yourself from the competition.

With input straight from a top creative design agency in Dubai, read on for this step-by-step guide to defining your brand identity. 

1. Understand the components of a great brand identity. 

A great brand identity is the cumulative result of various components that influence how customers perceive your brand. 

These components include all visual elements – logo, colors, typography, iconography, design system, photography, illustration, data visualization, interactive features, video, web design, and graphics. When conceptualizing your brand identity, you want to formulate a complete visual language that is able to be implemented in every aspect of your company. 

However, a great brand identity goes beyond just these elements and is carefully planned for and deliberated upon to make it distinct, memorable, scalable, and cohesive. Your brand identity is the personality that interacts with the world, so it is crucial that it correctly communicates what you want to say about your company or business. 

2. Build your foundation. 

Once you have completed your brand strategy and educated yourself on the components of a brand identity, it is time to establish the foundation upon which your branding will stand. 

This requires intense research into the industry and your target audience. It also entails a deep dive into the heart of your own firm. If you don’t understand the current landscape of your niche, then you aren’t going to be able to differentiate yourself. Therefore, the first step is to research the competition. From there, you can compare your brand in terms of both perception and presentation

At this point, it is time to look inward. Whether you are a new company or an existing one that needs a branding update, you want to analyze the current state of your brand identity and then envision how that can be crafted to align with your business goals

When it comes to your target audience, you need to know what they want to engage with and what type of identity resonates with them. Without this insight, even the most exceptional marketing campaigns will fall short. By understanding your target customers, you will be able to make more educated decisions that speak to their needs, wants, and values. 

3. Make some decisions. 

Armed with your research, it is time to start making some decisions. When making these choices, you must always keep the audience in mind. As your brand identity is how you will be introducing yourself, you want to ensure that the introduction is a pleasant experience. A brand that is going to be successful knows who it is, inside and out. It also knows whom the company is trying to reach. 

By knowing these things, you will be in a more definite position to choose a brand name and tagline, a logo, the right typography, color palette, and images. It will also help guide you throughout the design of your website and packaging. If relevant, you can use it to help you design your office space, signage, etc. 

Additionally, brainstorm ways you can tell your unique brand story. Customers love stories, and a good one can quickly establish an emotional connection – an essential aspect of creating a lasting relationship with your customers.

4. Execute! 

At this point, you are ready to start executing your brand identity by integrating it into your communication strategy. One of the most important aspects is the language that you use throughout your website, social media, and correspondence with customers.

The language you utilize must be in harmony with your brand identity. For example, if your brand identity is high-brow, you don’t want to be using conversational speech. On the other hand, if your brand is more laid-back, it would be weird to use jargon in your social media posts. Speaking of social media, these platforms are an extremely effective way to converse directly with your loyal customers and can help them to create a deeper connection with your brand

When it comes to execution, the big no-nos are presenting your customers with mixed messages, imitating your competitors, and failing to have consistency between your online and offline presence.

For many companies, branding is an utterly overwhelming task, and one that tends to get overlooked time and time again. This is a shame because it is an essential part of (successfully) growing a business.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that you opt to work with one of the top branding companies in Dubai (or wherever your company is located). With the tools and expertise necessary to take your brand to the next level, these professionals will work with you to craft the perfect brand identity.

Are you having trouble crafting your brand identity? What is the most challenging aspect?

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Grace Yacoub is the owner, founder and CEO at Zaman. She recognized the potential to develop brands in Dubai back in 1996. Amongst her first projects were to convert the local powerhouses of Etisalat and NBD into branded entities and engage the nation in the drive for modernity. She has since led projects across finance, family, industry, property, retail and all sectors to convert many of the region’s most important companies into powerful brands.