Benefits of Security Alertness Training

Cybersecurity has for two years attracted a lot of debate and discussion, with little or no signs of cyberattacks slowing down. Many organizations and companies have been faced with high-profile data breaches with thousands of lost credentials. Hackers have become a thorny issue in the world today. They have managed to take over networks, stealing necessary credentials and demanding ransoms in great measures to return the information to the owners. They pose threats such as advanced persistence attacks, dispatch ransomware on the network, and cause multiple phishing attacks. Today, companies do not worry most about who gets breached but when they can be hacked.

Security Awareness Training 2018 is one of the most critical undertakings for every organization today. This type of training is all about instilling awareness to employees and co-workers to help them understand the threats associated with the fast-changing cyber world. The foremost thing is to teach them how hackers within criminal gangs and organized associations plan deliberate theft, and damage to information and systems. This intentional theft and damage consequently affect everyone in an organization hence the need to be aware of the risks. They need to understand the importance of working to guard and protect the company against these malicious individuals.

Awareness training also spreads awareness to employees to always be vigilant of the consequences of failing to cover their company from external harm and attacks. They have to understand the severity of the effects involved. The results may be regarding criminal penalties, loss of employment, or massive damage to the company’s finances. Employees who realize the importance of data and system security usually master all the ways through which attackers can gain illegal entry to the system. Awareness training should always highlight all these aspects and necessary measures to curtail the risks involved.

The Whaling Attacks

These attacks are always directed towards stealing of sensitive company data including financial data, personal employee information, and so forth. They also target the senior management in a company including the chief executive officers, company executives, and individuals who hold power. Recent surveys have pointed out that whaling attacks strike over 55% of companies. Through this attacks, senior company officials receive fake emails claiming to have originated from the top company CEO. These emails are aimed at conning the staff into transferring large sums of money, draining the company’s accounts.

Ransomware Attacks

These attacks have been raging on in the cyber world. Ransomware works by locking files of private or enterprise users. The ransomware caused revenue accumulation in early 2006 to raise over $209M. This revelation was according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Data backup and awareness training are the two significant ways of combating ransomware. It is also important that employees avoid visiting malicious links send via email.

Security training is an essential employee training platform. Companies that fail to implement such type of training can risk catastrophic data breaches and losses. This, on the other hand, can cripple the company’s revenues and tarnish its image.