Debunking the Myth: The Expiration of the Toner Cartridge

We often tend to overlook and ignore the expiration dates. It would come as a surprise to us if you always look for expiry dates on beef jerky or pasta noodles. Similarly, when it comes to toner and ink cartridges, they come with expiration dates too, that are important to consider. Particularly, when it comes to storage and usage. Once an ink cartridge expires, the ink quality becomes poor. On the contrary, when a toner cartridge expires, you can still use them after years and years of use if you have stored and maintained them properly. If you are looking to buy one, visit

Ink cartridges

For instance, HP has recently launched cartridges that are microchipped. Once they have reached an expiration date, the chip tends to alert the printer and will avoid the cartridge from being activated even when it is full. Even if the cartridge is not microchipped at all, when you use an expired cartridge, it may cause copper contacts which trigger the print head to fail as the contacts were subject to being warped.

Toner cartridges

As aforementioned that the toner cartridges can be used even after years and years of use as it is filled with powder than the liquid. But that doesn’t mean that you continue to use an expired one. It can harm your printer if the cartridge turns out to be faulty. As the cartridges are more expensive than the actual printer, many companies make the most of the sales and stock up on the toner as well as the ink while the price is right, so consumers beware.

The toner can last longer than the expected time. You will face the risk of having printer cartridges with you that will expire before you can even use it. If you resonate, there is a solution to it. If you know that you will not be using them, you can sell them away in a good profit. Ensure to keep them in a good condition.

Warranty versus expiration

When new cartridges are received, make note of two important dates, the date when the warranty ends which will let you know that this is how long the manufacturer will cover the item. The second date is the expiry date. It can be found on the packaging or on the cartridge itself. If it is refurbished, it will be obvious that the expiration date has passed through when you bought it. The date is meant for the original purchaser.

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