How to Make Office Work More Fun

A person can be happy at work without having fun, and vice versa. As a rule, you shouldn’t try to encourage fun at work, you should simply make it possible. Try to remember that any sort of work cannot be fun all the time. Even if you were getting paid to do your most favourite activities, there will still come a time when doing said activities becomes boring and stops being fun. If staff and co-workers are fooling around and are not getting their work done, then that problem needs to be addressed, but remember that the unhappiest offices are the ones that try to restrict all forms of fun because office managers have mistaken having fun for being unproductive.

The People Make All the Difference

One of the most universal ways in which jobs become good and bad is through friendships. If you work with somebody you dislike, then it seriously affects how enjoyable your workday becomes. On the other hand, if you go to work with people you genuinely like, then the workday becomes more enjoyable and more fun.

When you are checking and looking for offices for sale, consider layouts with communal areas or open-plan offices to allow people to converse with each other. If you try to restrict employee interactions, then they will happen outside the view of the management, (such as in smoking areas or toilet facilities).

Allow People to Make Their Mark

Sometimes, making a workplace more fun is more about removing restrictions than it is about adding fun elements. For example, many companies do not allow people to alter their workspace, and many companies use a Hoteling format where workers take whichever workspace is vacant each day rather than having their own area. Consider permanent workspaces when you are looking for offices for sale because allowing staff members to make their mark helps them feel more comfortable and more like they belong.

Try to be liberal so long as it doesn’t cause distractions. For example, if somebody wants to bring in their own keyboard, chair cushions, and artwork, then that is fine. However, if somebody wants to bring a popcorn maker and portable TV, then you should have a quiet word with that employee and suggest they place said items in the canteen area rather than in a workspace.

Allow Personal Music Systems Under Certain Circumstances

Some companies and some working formats may allow people to play music and listen through headphones. For example, many programmers and writers sit in silence for hours, and they find that music helps dissolve any uncomfortable feelings of solitary isolation. If the music has no words in it, then it is less likely to cause a distraction.

Obviously, many office jobs cannot allow personal music systems because they interfere with the job. For example, a secretary or admin assistant may need to answer the phone frequently and may not hear the phone if he/she is playing music. Advise your staff to wear large headphones rather than the tiny ones that sit inside the ear. Other employees can see when somebody has large earphones on, so it will avoid misunderstandings and confusion when staff try to communicate with each other. Also, if you allow personal music systems, make sure your fire alarm also has red flashing lights otherwise you may be breaking certain insurance rules and government safety laws.

Final Thoughts – Social Media Is Not Fun

Some offices allow access to social media from company computers because they think it makes a worker’s life more fun, but social media is a time vampire that is not as fun as it seems. Take a look through your Facebook feed and ask yourself how many of the leftist propaganda pieces really make you happy, such as people calling for laws against fat-shaming a dog. Or, the posts by your friends/enemies (frenemies) that show they are doing far better than you are.

Even if you or your staff are in an elite group of people who enjoy social media all the time without exception, social media should still be banned in the workplace because its notifications break people’s concentration. Even the most determined office worker may be distracted by a social media notification from a friend or relative. Try to phase out the use of social media in the office if you wish to maintain a fun and productive office space.