Social Media Strategies for Jewelers to Increase Sales

Jewelry sector is still not taking full advantage of technology and social media. It has proved to impact culture, society and even businesses. Mentioned below are some social media strategies that can help jewelers to increase engagement, obtain new subscribers and finally boost sales.

Define your brand personality

Branding means defining your DNA and simultaneously attracts potential customers. It helps to generate long-term relationship, which needs to be started on the right note. Answer the following questions with the help of your staff as well as existing clients.

  • Express your product in just three words
  • Choose maximum 5 online jewelry stores that also reflect the essence of your brand and have a robust social media presence, which you wish to compete with
  • What kind of emotional connection you wish to share with your social media visitors?
  • What kind of posts were popular last year and which got burned-out on social media?

You will get a good idea of your brands personality, so ensure that all social media posts stay in sync with your brand.

Share customer images

Have a customer album created on your social media profile. Have customers post photos of themselves wearing your pink pearl earrings or black pearls on your wall. In addition, create exclusive hashtag and encourage your clients to apply it on Instagram. It will help to locate their photos easily.

Refresh pages

Social media cover pages need to be refreshed every month. Actually, the aesthetics of your brand and latest pearl collection gets defined on the cover page, so it is crucial to freshen up.

Post ‘real’ photos

Take photos of jewelry worn by real person. Real-life photos are inspirational and the viewer’s get an idea on how it looks in flesh.

Insert social media links on marketing materials

Insert social media links on every listed product on your website. On other marketing materials like magazine ads, business cards, email signatures, etc.

Make videos

Videos are potent marketing tool. Hire celebrities and capture them wearing your jewelry. Ensure to create interest videos with a story. Give videos a title and add descriptions, so that it will be easy to locate.

Do giveaways

People get excited with free giveaways in the contest even if it a small thing like an engagement rings. You may even giveaway a gift card. It engages people and you can even win extra followers.