Street Food Stalls in Batam, Indonesia


Batam is a fantastic place to set your sights on, for its many food options to pick from. Listed below are our top two selections of recommended street foods stalls in Batam

Shuang Hong Bak Kut Teh 

Shuang Hong Bak Kut Teh is a food stall not to be overlooked because the place serves some of the best bak kut teh you’ll ever taste. This stall allows you to decide on the cuts of pork you want to go into your order. You can go for the tail and the shredded and lean cuts, which amounted to just IDR 35,000. 

The broth was very rich in flavor, with its herbal flavors not overpowered by the pork, which can happen when the pork is not cooked correctly. This was a welcome shift from the milder pepper-based broths which are often served in Singapore. 

Sate Padang 

Should you think “sate” sounds familiar, you wouldn’t be wrong – it’s the Bahasa spelling of “satay,” and Sate Padang serves a number of the best satays Batam has to offer. We had 5 poultry and 5 beef sates (IDR 18,000), and these came doused in Padang and peanut butter sauces correspondingly. 

Both types of meat were BBQed just right, without being too dry or delicate. The corresponding sauces also did a fantastic job in amping up the satays. We especially liked the Padang sauce, which had a mildly spicy flavor, which was interestingly reminiscent of curry. 

Cheese Banana and Roti Bakar 

Street carts like Cheese banana and Roti Bakar (Toast) one are commonplace around Batam, and you might just, like its other brethren, pass it by. This man is located just opposite Astro Kopitiam and serves as a very viable option for a late night dessert.

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with their Cheese Banana (IDR 10,000). As its name suggests, this dish includes chopped cheese sprinkled on top of fried bananas (Goreng Pisang) doused in condensed milk. We liked the way the cheese wasn’t overpowering, permitting us to taste the bananas’ sweetness. 

That’s not all this stall has to offer, as it also has Roti Bakar (IDR 20,000) on its menu. This can be toasted bread jazzed up with chocolate spread and condensed milk and comes in a large platter of numerous thick toast pieces.