The Right Ways To Install Radar Speed Signs For Greater Safety

Road accidents these days are a serious concern. Every day so many people lose their life due to these accidents. And this number is still increasing. There are so many traffic calming devices in the market which can definitely lower this risk of accidents and road causalities if they are used well. Radar signs are one such traffic calming devices which contains a display and a camera system to monitor the vehicles. They use Led lights to display the speed of the moving vehicle which they observe through the high technology cameras. This makes the drivers aware whether they are driving within the prescribed and safe limits as per the guidelines of the area they are driving in.

How to get radar signs installed in your locality?

If you are troubled with the high-speed vehicles in your locality or you are looking to get radar signs installed in your area then you can surely apply for it. Make sure that you remember the following points before getting the radar signs installed in your vicinity.

  • Radar signs should be 5 feet high from the ground perpendicular to them. If the road is curved, then too make sure to measure the height of the road from the road curb.
  • Do not install the radar signs at the point where there is a curve on the road. This is because the light ways that are used in the working mechanism of the Radar signs cannot work on the curved surfaces well.
  • These Radar signs should be installed in a perpendicular direction with respect to the curb of road. The purpose behind doing this is that if the Radar signs are installed in the center then they are not able to cover the whole road surface and will miss out the traffic which is going to be there at the sides of the roads.

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