Transportation to Go Around the Bandung City

Due to its strategic location, it won’t be too difficult to go to Bandung. There are tons of transportation options that we can use should you want to go to some attractions for tourist in Bandung. To get to the city of Bandung isn’t too much issue. There are various modes of transportation and routes which may be utilized. Listed below are a few ways that can take you to the city of Flower.

Personal vehicle

If you wish to go here in the town of Jakarta using a private car, you can say the Jakarta-Bandung course is quite compact. Especially on weekends or vacations holiday seasons. There’s a range of collections of paths which may be taken. You may opt to pass the top lane, the distance from Jakarta to Bandung throughout the summit route of approximately 164 kilometers and might be obtained in 3 to 5 hours at case smooth. Before this Cipularang toll road is opened, even to the city will generally take a very long time, can reach five hours. But now we may shorten the travel time by utilizing the Cipularang toll route in only 2.5 hours.


If you want to use a bus, you can quit at LeuwiPanjang Terminal. After arriving in the passenger transportation terminal, there’ll be plenty of access to go to many attractions for tourist in Bandung. Near the terminal, you might also walk inland. Precisely to the southeast of the junction of JalanCibaduyut – JalanSoekarnoHatta – JalanLeuwiPanjang. Afterward, you’ll find a large shoe center in Cibaduyut.


In addition to buses, you might also use the railroad transportation mode. After arriving at Bandung Station, there will be a substantial number of public transportation that may take you to attractions for tourist. Presently there are also Jakarta-Bandung trains operating. For the Serayu train itself, that the ticket price is lower, which is IDR 67,000. Whereas for Argo Parahyangan itself is charged a tariff of IDR 80,000. Close to the station, you’ll find many exciting entertainment locations. Like Trans Studio Bandung, Cihampelas Walk, Siliwangi Stadium, Geology Museum, Gedung Sate, and Dago area.


If you want to see attractions for tourist in Bandung by plane, you are ready to land in the HuseinSastranegara International Airport Bandung. Should you wish to be easy, you might use the Primkopau Husain Sastranegara taxi cab service which will be billed a fixed speed to several destinations. Taxi tickets can be bought at the counters located at the airport depart, both international and domestic. These taxicabs are free to pick passengers up in the airport area.

But if you desire a more affordable one, perhaps you can ride town transportation that goes through this airport. There are much different transports which can take you to various destinations, like Cicaheum, Ciroyom, Cibereum and Cijerah terminals.

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