Types of Services Offered by the HOA Management Company

In case, you were contemplating on hiring the services of Phoenix HOA management companies, you should look forward to gaining knowledge about the various services offered by the management company. After having a decent understanding of what they have to offer, you would be able to understand whether you would require their assistance or not.

You should rest assured that it would vary from one service to another. However, the most common things offered by a property management company have been discussed below.

Tenant screening

The property management services would provide you in-depth screening for prospective tenants. It would be inclusive of running a check for criminal background, employment history, calling on references, credit checks, and eviction history.

Handling legal documents

These documents would be essential for the overall protection of your rights to the rented property. It would also be essential for the right of the tenant to gain the right of possession of the property for the duration of the lease. These documents would also outline how the money would be collected along with other fees and deposits that might be applicable.

Inspecting the rental property

When you have a tenant moving out of your rental property, your property management service would help you provide a comprehensive report of the condition of your rental. Moreover, they would be required to perform occasional inspections of the property to make sure that your rental investment has been protected adequately.

Monitoring tenant compliance

It would ensure that the tenants in your rental property have been meeting all the needs and requirements agreed upon in the tenant agreement.

Rent collection

Property management services would collect any rental money that has been due and would provide you income reports of your total income and expenses for the rental properties. They would also protect the value of your rental property.