Utility Maintenance Outsourcing Company

Utilities inside an organization or factory will be the essential provisions that play a huge role at the same time but aren’t considered inputs. We have the expertise to think about utilities maintenance for your optimum benefit of the customer.

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To make certain Greatest Quality Services of Utility Maintenance to numerous Units at Preferred Level. Utilities management needs in-depth studies, analysis and audits to uncover the savings options also to reduce utility provider errors or overcharges.

Common Objectives Under Utility Maintenance :

Provide Necessary Training for the Operating Staffs’

Ensure 100% compliance while using Company’s EHS guidelines Activities when needed.

Report any untoward occurrences towards the organization Immediately.

Ensure compliance regarding all relevant statutory needs.

Ensure PPE according to particular works and many types of PPE needs to be based on EHS guideline

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Submission of report – daily, monthly weekly or based on reliance on the business

Timely Indenting of Needs

Housekeeping of Related Areas

Ensure ease of access to any or all tools/ tackles for operation and maintenance work

Execute modifications as well as other development works as directed with the client.

Stick to instructions given w.r.t. Energy and Water Conservation.

Provide necessary assistance in project implementation work.

To make certain no overtime is permitted. (Company to make certain ease of access to manpower for almost any exigencies that may arise.)

Submission of RCA of breakdowns

Report on Equipment within our scope:

Power Generation & Distribution

Fuel yards (HSD, F.O and LPG)

Water Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant & Sewage Treatment Plant

Fire Pump House

Effluent ejection system

Cooling and heating and Chillers- Chillers & pumps


Mechanical Maintenance

Street Lights

Specific areas within our scope:


Complete operation & repair off utilities electrical system, fuel yard.

Operation of DG sets & Coordination with OEM for repairs for routine checks & in case of problems/Breakdown.

Operation, routine repair off UPS system, coordination with OEM for repair in occasions of breakdown.

O & M of Transformers and many types of utilities panels.

Routine basis harmonic study & thermography.

Operation & Repair off the HT & LT Breakers

O & M of street lights.

Ensure 100 % uptime of MLTP & DGLS panel.

Ensure operations of SCADA systems.

Ensure unloading of fuel (HSD / FO / Lp) based on SOP.

Ensure timely distribution of fuel (HSD/FO/Lp) to units.

Regular water draining of HFO tanks.

Ensure fuel stock availability and verification


Operation of Pumps.

Ensure all drainage lines are always apparent which no overflow happens.

Shift wise and thru the shift – Take models in the complete site and make certain acceptable operation in the EES.

Make certain that meshes put in the chambers / manholes will be in very good condition.

Maintain drain cleaning equipment

Coordinate with ETP for smooth operation of sumps.

Up keeping of spare sump pumps.

Provide assistance for clearing clogged drains as & when directed with the client.