Vintage Neon Signs

Neon signs are synonymous with the Las Vegas strip, Times Square, movie theaters, and diners. They light up the night sky and are a perfect way to advertise your business. Neon signs, though, are much more than that. They are a form of art.

Vintage neon signs for sale can be found in flea markets, antique shops, and specialty stores where they can be purchased to be displayed in homes, offices, and restaurants. They can be a great form of advertising for your business, displaying the name of your business or what you’re selling. Or it can be a perfect addition to decorate your home. A love for vintage items has inspired people to collect neon signs or have them custom made.

Vintage neon signs were a big hit as storefront displays and advertisements for theaters and diners in the 1940s & 1950s.  But due to being over commercialized and with cheaper, alternative displays, such as LED lights and digitalized signs being created, they started to become unpopular. They also became linked to red light districts and un-appealing urban areas.

Then Rudi Stern, an artist, revived neon signs as an art form, known as the neo-neon revolution. He believed the signs had a retro appeal and created artwork with them, opening a gallery in Manhattan called, “Let There Be Neon” in 1972. He created neon displays for Studio 54, television and films, and rock groups like the Doors.

Other places showing vintage neon signs for sale are the Museum of Neon Art that opened in Los Angeles in 1981 and the Neon Museum in Las Vegas that opened in 2012.

Currently, neon signs are popular again. Many people are even trying to preserve neon signs that have been displayed in their local area for many years.. One of which is the Kentile Floors sign that has overlooked Brooklyn’s Ninth Street for decades. Neon signs are still seen on the strip of Las Vegas, Times Square, Hollywood, and on the fronts of movie theaters, diners. Neon signs stand out from all the rest, are meticulously handcrafted, and evoke nostalgia. You can find vintage neon signs for sale in many different places but can also custom design your own for whatever you need it for – whether it’s a decoration for your home or a sign for your business. You will not be disappointed.


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