What are the Best Options for a Virtual Office?

Thinking of hiring a virtual office but are unsure what options are available? It’s easy to feel confused about the process, as virtual offices are a relatively new service, so understanding your choices and knowing what to look for may take some time. Choosing the right virtual office is important, otherwise you may not gain as many benefits from the service as you could.

Check out some tips for knowing the best options for a virtual office to ensure you choose the right service for your business:


The main purpose of a virtual office is to provide businesses and start-ups with a professional business address. So, it’s important to consider what the best location for a virtual office is, as there are plenty of locations you can choose depending on your requirements.

For example, London, Manchester, and Birmingham are major cities with massive business centres, so choosing an address from these locations is certainly a good option. Your business will appear more prominently and benefit from a high reputation simply from being based in a major city.

However, the more affluent the address the more expensive the virtual office, while your business may benefit from having a local address, so consider all these options before making your decision.  

Additional Services

A virtual office provides more than just a business address – you can hire a range of administrative services such as call answering, email and faxing, customer service lines etc. These may not be essential for your business but there are certainly benefits of using these services.

For instance, a virtual receptionist further adds to the business’s professionalism while helping to manage incoming calls, messages, and other inquires. These services are also available 24/7, so could potentially be an invaluable asset for your business.

Your budget and requirements will influence whether these are the best options for your virtual office, but it’s certainly worth considering additional services when looking for a virtual office service.

Temporary Workspaces

Did you know that most virtual office providers also have temporary workspaces for hire? This is usually a conference room you can hire for a few hours or days depending on your needs, which is a great service to have access to, allowing important meetings to take place at the same address as your business.

Many remote businesses still need to network with clients, leads, and fellow employees, so by choosing a virtual office that can provide additional workspaces is often a good idea. Granted, not all businesses have the need for temporary meeting rooms, so it’s not necessarily the best option for every business.

Scalable Services

It’s always good to have the option to adapt your virtual office services to accommodate changes in your business. For instance, you may require a call answering service due to the high volume of customer calls, while others find they’ve hired no-essential services they could cut back on.

In any case, you want a virtual office that offers scalable services to suit the unique requirements of growing businesses. Choosing an office with limited services may hinder growth or make cutting back difficult, so the best option is always a virtual office that caters to scalability.