Why FOD Removal Is an Important Part of Race Track Safety

Part of race track safety is making sure there isn’t any foreign object debris (FOD) left on the track. Safety is a top priority on the track, in order to protect the number of fans and cars that can reach speeds up to 200 mph. If debris is left out on the track, it can pose a threat to spectators, crews, and drivers. It can be dangerous for someone to run out on the track and grab the debris, so a FOD removal system is necessary for removing any hazards quickly and without delay.

Protect Drivers from Objects: A main reason to keep any debris off of the track is to make sure that drivers don’t need to avoid any obstacles, which will reduce the risks of a crash. There can be a lot of debris on the track, when you think about the wrecks and tire blowouts that can occur accidentally, and it gets in the way of drivers. Even simple things, such as gravel, can be enough to cause an accident. Sand and gravel can be kicked up by the car in front and cause interference with the view. If a driver can’t see, it can cause a chain reaction with other accidents.

Prevent Damage to Cars: Debris on the track can cause a lot of damage to cars. Debris can find its way into an engine and cause a lot of problems. The drop in vehicle performance from FOD can even be the difference between a win and second place. FOD can also damage tires, leading to more tire blowouts and creating even more debris to clean up, along with potential for more damage.

Protect Spectators: There is plenty of technology when it comes to spectator safety, but they can still be injured if debris on the track isn’t quickly cleared or done correctly. There are catch fences that are supposed to keep items from going into the stands, but even with the best technology it can still fail. At a race at the Daytona International Speedway in 2015, there was an accident where a driver crashed into the catch fence and the car sent debris into the crowd. This resulted in five spectators being injured and one having to be sent to the hospital. There were a lot of factors that caused this, but race track safety still played a huge role in the accident.

Getting a race track sweeper is a simple process, in order to have better safety at the track. Sweepers can be towed behind any vehicle, making it easy to deploy quickly so the activities can continue, and can come in a variety of widths to meet the requirements of the track.